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das cube van Piranha Moving Services

das cube van Piranha Moving Services 1.1

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"After Piranha spies found that the other teams were developing vans, they came to the conclusion it was going to be for racing. Smart!
Not wanting to stay behind their rivals, Piranha developed this van hidden from the public. For that purpose they created a moving company of their own and developed the van away from prying eyes in-house.
After a good time waiting for the van racing league to be announced, Piranha got the hint that van racing was never gonna go professional. That was disappointing.
On the other hand Piranha ended up with the most profitable moving company in the world. That was due not only to the vans speed, but also Piranha Moving Services director. TG Dog.
The cat on the company vans is his best friend, who has his face on the moon."

das cube van Piranha Moving Services livery inspired on Wipeout series team Piranha.

The archive contains 3 file sizes:
1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos).
Each size is inside a different folder of the archive.

There is also 3 versions per size: clean, normal, race.

On the photo I'm showing: race version @ 4096px.

b02.png b00.png b03.png

Latest updates

  1. 1024 size files

    The folder for the livery textures with 1024x1024 size was empty. Now it is not.
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