Daniel Riciardo fantasy Red Bull helmet 1.0

Daniel Riciardo fantasy Red Bull helmet

  1. Franske

    (special request from SuperMasaF1.

    Only to replace Daniel Riciardo.

    BACKUP FIRTST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Included: F1 2015 Daniel Riciardo helmet - Arai shape

    Just copy this one in: F1 2015\f1_2014_character_package\ drivers\2015-redbull_daniel_ricciardo\textures

    Also included for this helmet the DDS-file to try out in F1 2014. Did not check both of them.

    Let me know if something is wrong.

    This is based on my personal helmet, I think, already have from F1 2011 or F1 2012. I do not know who the original creator is of this design. But all credits to him or her.


    Franske :cool:


    1. 1.jpg
    2. 2.jpg
    3. 3.jpg
    4. 4.jpg
    5. 5.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. SuperMasaF1
    Version: 1.0
    You totally nailed it! Sick helmet!! Thank you
    1. Franske
      Author's Response
      Thanks. You're welcome.
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