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Controller Fix v1.04 2019-05-15

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Being released back in 2001, Rally Trophy has suffered from a compatibility
issue with Windows releases since Vista, making it impossible to configure key
bindings and game controllers on these newer systems. The problem is simple:
Rally Trophy uses a controller settings dialog that is provided by DirectInput
(namely [`IDirectInput8::ConfigureDevices`][msdn]). However, this method was
deprecated with the release of Windows Vista and the dialog itself was removed
from Vista and any subsequent Windows releases. Because of that, configuring
controls for the game became pretty much impossible on these systems, outside of
workarounds like using an XP system to set up controls or even changing the
DirectInput configuration files manually. This fix solves this problem by
providing a re-implementation of the controls dialog (originally based on code
from [the Wine project][winehq]).

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thank you.
Even works with Codemasters Indycar Series! Thank you for this.
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