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Col des Mourèzes 1.0

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Col des Mourèzes by JCRR

This part of the « Ronde Cévenole » (8 km) is just before Puech Arnal in the course of this mythical race of 42km. It alternates tight and winding passages and works several hamlets typical of this beautiful region.

We will notice the passing of a pin in Mandagout, which is also the arrival of the stage « Peyregrosse-Mandagout « which was the first track I had made in 2010 for GTL.

As with my other tracks, all the textures are pictures taken on the spot and placed exactly in the original place, avoiding any unrealistic repetition. Also the file is a bit heavy ....

At the « Col des Mourèzes « you can enjoy a jump on a bump in a very fast part.
At 17:00 the light is interesting I also like to ride at 10:30 with light fog.

The pits lane contain 20 pits and you can run against the AI.
The hotlap is also available.

I added a copilot notes file to use with the codriver application. (I'm a beginner, some will be able to create a better one ...)
Once codriver is installed, place the xml file (from my zip file) in: Documents / AssettoCorsa / plugins / Codriver / tracks

To see the actual track in google maps:
https://www.google.fr/maps/place/30...!1e1!3m2!1sx640cP9gxy7AvtrG5LMsxg!2e0!4m2!3m1 ! 1s0x12b3f3243da1a469: 0x4078821166b3f30

The « Ronde Cévenole » went from 1967 to 1979. This explains the presence of old cars on the edge of the track and differences with the current views.
Three other parts of the race will soon be converted for AC.

Track created with Bob's Track Builder

Xpacks used:
Xpacks characters (textures, vegetation, decorative objects)
14000 vegetation
Great Britain
PLP signaling

Any modification or conversion of this track is prohibited.


File size
178.5 MB
First release
Last update
4.85 star(s) 34 ratings

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Latest reviews

simply beautiful.
Excellent work as usual JCRR.
Great fun to drive
Just perfect and so fun!
Wish I had your skills my man.
just perfect!!!!!! thanks from Greece
oh my god! Peyregrosse, Sementin, Peklo ...
And now I just discovered ...

Another day I make the JCRR route!
God ... I need more time.

Great job, thanks a lot!
Haughtiness as usual with JCRR!!! My dream would be the from Cévennes round in whole on AC with old rally cars as in gtLegends.
Thank you JCRR!!!
What a fantastic track!! Oh boy...I don't know where to begin. I love the layout. I am having so much fun trying to go faster and faster through the several slightly "S" shaped turns. The scenery is great and the road is a perfect length. Not too long. Not too short. I can see this will be an expensive track for me. I've already flown 4 Caterhams off the side of the mountain. Eeek! ;-) Great job jcrr!!! I hope you continue to provide us with these awesome rally style layouts. They're so much fun in every type of street car imaginable, old vintage race cars and of course, rally cars. Thank you!!
Insanely difficult, especially in fog! I love it.

I'd definitely pay for this, only if some glitch in pit area is fixed- some smaller cars like Fiat and Alfa (4C) has strange issue with their tyres burying under ground right off the start.

Could you see any solution for this by any chance?

Otherwise, it is superb track.
I'm sorry, but I find your message unfriendly ... you take a small detail, missed, of course among thousands, my tracks are filled with imperfect details, maybe you prefer perfect tracks without any soul ... free to you. Personally, your perfection does not interest me, but an imperfect track that reflects the reality of the place speaks to me, touches me ... everyone his idea. But I repeat, I think your unfriendly message, and therefore, your compliments hypocritical.
I am not obsessed with technical perfection, but when I roll on my tracks on roads that I know to be true, I find myself there, I believe in it, many tell me, and if here or the few defects persist, you do not know the 250,000 defects that I corrected for months, years ....
If I spent my time on the web explaining everything that I do not like on the tracks of others ... I would not have time to create others .... it is despairing this mentality d 'spoiled child. On the contrary, I rejoice every day to have new tracks and cars created by enthusiasts, offered free .... and with many imperfections ... 4 stars because two cars have wheels driven .... and if one gave stars to bad faith?
See you.
Another message like that, and I think I'll stop forever wasting my time.
In fact, I knew this defect, but it has technical explanation .... in BTB, GTL, Rfactor, the decoration cars form a single object. (easy to replace accurately). But in the conversion FBX made by ks editor, this single object becomes multiple .... So for me impossible or very very long to make an identical correction of all the different parts of the car .... I thought the enthusiasts of rally pilots would not pay attention ... Well no, fans of the search for the fault are also rampant ... so much the worse ....
After in mind you're wrong, because if you're an obsessed with detail, you might have noticed that my tracks have ten times more than others, but maybe that's exactly what annoys you.

You would have denounced a really important defect, prejudicial to the pleasure of rolling, to immersion. I would have listened, sought solutions. But here I see only the intention of harming by seeking a false pretext! Searched in a corner of the circuit, on a small path away from the track .... it's really "small" attitude ...
but if ... everything that I have written does not correspond to what you think ... a thousand pardons ... sometimes our words express badly what one thinks ... in the language and the communication also it There are imperfections, even insignificant.

I am passionate ... so I react passionately ....
Excellent track! I have to questions. First, it seems to be connected with peyre-mandagout? and.. second: if you continue the track after finish line you get an excellent non-detailed highclimb, why ? whyyyyyyy?
Peyregrosse mandagout is another real rally stage... finish line at Mandagout.... Mourèzes i s a part of a mythical race (42km) kind of french targa florio... and this part get through Mandagout....
I'm Peyregrosse creator. Kunek and simtraxxare converters.
second question :

The entire track is 42 km long....
For GTL ir's ok
For AC, I prefer to make separate parts of it.
After Mourèzes, the road go... to Puech arnal... available for AC... and on Rcadepartment
Excellent track! Beautifule and very fun to drive.
Another great track, as usual!
So much immersion and goes exelent with the caterham mod that is near, Brillant, Well done Sir
I never thought that i ll have the pleasure to learn who made this masterpiece peyregrosse -mandagout a stage that i had so much fun in RSRBR.and this also is a masterpiece.tight,technical great stage.i cant wait for your next stages.i love your work man and maybe you need to consider making some stages from the adac rally with the vineyards like moselland or from rally Alsace.if someone can do it its you.rally stages from simtraxx takes to long.plz think about it!!!
Excellent job. Thanks.
3500m? Are you sure?
inspector Colnem you have right, one more time... yes, mistake.... in jason file 3500m au lieu de 8000.... c'est grave?
Thanks for share
Many thanks! \o
This track looks amazing! Fantastic work!
on s'y croirait! fantastic job

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