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Clio Cup 2013 New Physics 2015-05-12

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This is an updated version of physics for RD Clio Cup 2013 (The original mod need to be installed first and is available here:
The new physics is based on data from the rF2 Clio Cup mod and the user manual from Renault, mainly improved in the following areas:
- Engine
- CoG, weight and moment of inertia
- Suspension geometry (Front - Mcpherson; Rear - torsion beam)
- Spring and damper rates

Hopefully this brings you better realism and more fun!
Weijie Zhang
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Latest updates

  1. 2015-05-12 Update

    - Minor fixes including Undertray collision points (affects MoTeC ride height reading), tyre...
  2. 2015-05-11 Update

    - Corrected brake force - Tweaked motion ratio resulting in more responsive suspension

Latest reviews

A great Mod for this car...This Mod did really change the characteristic's of this little car.....A Lot. I've got to re-learn it now. Thanks for all your work on this............................=)
Great job, much more better than before. Thank you...
Excellent ! Just perfect for me. Good job ;)
Much, much better than the original one. The original was undriveable. A tiny bit vague to my opinion, but it's much fun.
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