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City one 1.2

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Not a big fan of the layout. But that doesn't matter. The enviroment is really colorful and beautiful and the track is really good quality. Me not liking the layouts is subjective. Objectively, this is a great piece of content, and I can't reccomend it enough to those who are looking to add quality tracks to their collection.
Nice work man, always had idea for my own street track for Formula e but no experience, are there demo versions for software you used
hi, blender is free, 3dsimed trial version for 20 days then it must be purchased and racetrackbuilder that must be purchased, thanks for the compliments
Have played both versions in the meantime. After the update even better than the first version. All that is missing is that you can drive at night.
thanks, I'm trying to open an additional layout to be able to turn even with the indy and give vent to all the power of these cars, we are also solving some bugs that was crashing in some ambitious but I try !!
Great track, but could you put some "realistic" Formula E sponsors, that would make the track way more immersive imo ! Good job anyways !
Ottimo lavoro, I have used it with the megane trophy, fantastic. One issue: the road in the virtual mirrors is white. Complimenti comunque
thanks for the compliments, this already repays me for the hard work done (5 months ago I didn't even know what blender and uv mappings were)
in this regard I want to thank coutie moderator of the 397 study forum who gave me many tips to solve all kinds of problems.
soon sending version 1.1 with full view on the rear-view mirrors, currently I'm working to optimize the lod of the objects in the hope of having better performance. thanks again to everyone for the trust.
Looks great! Will try it out soon.
wow first time!! is really fantastic great job!!