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Circuit de Catalunya 1.5

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Circuit de Catalunya, originary from Flo for Rfactor.
-Moved some walls to acomodate 2014 layout
-new textures for road, grass,
-remodelled some kerbs for 2014 standard
-Added new runoff areas, 2014 standards
-plus some details.
-added national layout.
-working ai line
-4 different track cameras.
-working semaphore.
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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.5

    This update brings both versions of the track to lastest updates, Plus new Road Texture, and few...
  2. Circuit de Catalunya 1.3

    Updated and fixed from last verion
  3. Circuit de Catalunya 1.1

    Update: wider pitlane. changed pit positions acordignly added reverb zone (dont work in AC yet)...

Latest reviews

thank you.
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The DRS zones do not work. This would have been an easy 4-star, maybe 5-star if it had proper DRS zones.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
this track is abandoned, in fact i should have asked RD to delete it
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amanzing, great job dude!! congratulations! and thank you!!
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Holy raptor jesus why is the surface so darn bumpy I thought this was a Tilke track! :c
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Very nice track
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Many thanks - very fine track :9
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Bona feina crack!
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Great job! Track ideal for racing league.
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We've just drove club event on Catalunya v1.5, everything works well, great track with perfectly shaped kerbs and chicanes. Thanks for such great playground, good work.
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G.R.E.A.T. job! Thank you Albert! ;)
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simply awesome job
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99% spot on .. the grand stand on the start finish on the left has double side textures on the glass that flicker and is really off putting. could you please fix this for next vedrsion. Other than that its bang on .. great job
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
funny cause AC do not support double side texture
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bona feina company, ;)
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Awesome work man..Love it..Did you find out what the guy posted about the "wheels out" on the second last turn..? I didn't see anything at
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one word, amazing!
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Thanks for your work, it's great!
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very nice, thank you !!!
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Confusing last sector and track map not working but awesome track!
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Albert McSaltens
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