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Chevrolet Monza 500E.F. 0.1.1

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good mod! I am currently 13 years old and when I am 18, I will buy one, what do you recommend? in what version? 1.8 or 2.0?
DUDE... I love you for this car... I have 90' Monza Classic, its almost the same as drive mine. The body roll, top speed, interiors, everything is perfect... btw I love this car (real one)...
great work, shame you havnt put your skills to something i only wish i could drive. this is something i dont want to drive now or in real life. :p
Great mod, Love it. good fun driving it around, wasn't sure what to expect so surprised how good it is, well done!
Keep up the wonderful work!
Owned a 2.0 Sri 130 model which was very quick for it's age irl.
Awesome! Looks great. Just need some physics tweaks, but overall its great, thank you!
Too good
i've spend hours driving this so funny!
perfect model.
happy and waiting for more cars!
As texturas do carro estão OK. Porém a dinâmica está péssima. Ele tem cáster muito negativo, entra na curva como se fosse um carrinho de super-mercado. Não tem simulação do eixo de torção (rígido) traseiro o que não passa a ideia de estar na direção de um Monza.
great work guys! salve salve adrena! :D \o/
i love it Malagoli... great job
Thanks for your work on this car. I'm having FUN driving it around. Great Mod..............=)
Stunning Mod! Amazing attention to details! This is something truly unique, thanks Rafael!
Fantastic vehicle! Fun to drive and great quality too! Thank you sir for your hard work and effort!
Simply amazing. I can't wait for the physics improvements. That is the quality I expect from Mods to AC. Great work Rafael.
Amazing work, thanks for all your time and energy.
Great job! i'm waiting for the race version :D
Rear suspension this car should be dependent. at the moment it is not working properly
Great job...cheers mate!
Rafael Malagoli
Rafael Malagoli
Thanks for the support Jerry, ;)
looks really good but i think it has waaaay to much grip in the corners
Rafael Malagoli
Rafael Malagoli
Thanks for the feedback. The tyres physics are from M3 E30, for the next days i'll improove the model and the physics... this is the first release only, still wip.