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Chang International circuit 0.82

Scratch built International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand

  1. Update 0.82 WIP

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in v0.82:
    - fixed all kind of white lines and their transparancies
    - moved racing line into 2nd turn more left and into 4th turn a bit to the right,
    to look more real and added some skidmarks there as well
    - adjusted shadres for some of the objects, to look more real
    - optimized LODs for some of the objects
    - fixed damping setting for some surfaces (thanks to @LilSki for that info), it really does the job well
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  2. Update 0.81 WIP

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in 0.81:
    - optimized and fixed LODs for almost all the objects
    - added grooves (all are dynamics depending on the grip level)
    - added 2 DRS zones
    - added sections (ini file)
    - fixed grid spots (now 40 grids in pitlane and on start)
    - adjusted white lines and their groove marks all around
    - adjusted surface edges on some objects
    - added some white lines on tarmac to mark intermediate sections and DRS zones
    - ready for online

    Important note: track can be driven all around, inside...
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