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Caterham original steering wheel 1.0

f1 2014,caterham,wheel

  1. John95
    Hello again!
    First.I know that Caterham is the slowest car and none will drive it but i just wanted to make it more realistic hehe

    This is my second mod i adjusted the 2013 wheel to 2014 car
    Also edited animations for the hands!
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 19-14-07-62.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 19-14-10-63.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 19-14-28-01.jpg
    F1_2014 2014-10-18 19-14-34-97.jpg
    Open F1 2014/interiors/ca2 and overwrite
    Make sure you created a backup file first
    Hope you enjoy it and please keep patience for the Williams steering wheel.
    Mods used:
    F1 2013 steering wheel
    F1 2014 Ultra HD Leds by IcemanLFS
    F1 2014 Sky Sports Styled OSD by auroboros
    Tyres Edition 2014 HD by ZOG
    F1 2014 - Realistic Damage Mod by Cromiell
    F1 2014 T-Cam Realism Mod by ContinueLP


    1. F1_2014 2014-10-18 19-14-20-68.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. lNavarroGAMER
    Version: 1.0
  2. Mijaca
    Version: 1.0
    Nice work. One question, are rfactor files maybe compatible with F1 2014, for example wheels of their 2014 mods, because I think they are 100% accurate for all teams. I ask this because they can use skin models of the cars from F1 2014 for their mods and maybe it's vice versa, I don't know. Thanks
    1. John95
      Author's Response
      rFactor files are kinda similar but not the same in 3d model you have to change the positions
  3. LoLzYeAh
    Version: 1.0
    How's the Williams coming?
    1. John95
      Author's Response
      Hard to say it need's lot of work and i dont have much time cause am working :-/
  4. kevin345ize
    Version: 1.0
    Awsome thanks (Y), can you do the willams steering wheel ??
    1. John95
      Author's Response
      Beta uploaded! :-D
  5. Peppos
    Version: 1.0
    Hey! I love that car even if it's slow! >:/ However THANK YOU! :D
    1. John95
      Author's Response
      No problem!I love Caterham as a team but like Lotus the team is unlucky!!
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