Caterham Nvidia sponsored 2016-09-23

some black and lime woala we have a new livery

  1. MrTheRacer
    So here is a little idea made by me, i usualy dont like black as main colour( looks boring mainly in current grid) but with nice counter colour that lime green is it look great

    Enjoy- Racer

    Renders done by Dovi Design (many thanks): cq8LcXo.jpg HGWOh7x.jpg J4eh50x.jpg lPbETYH.jpg

    Some IG photos: F1_2013 2016-08-24 17-54-20-07.jpg F1_2013 2016-08-24 17-54-24-13.jpg F1_2013 2016-08-24 17-54-41-96.jpg F1_2013 2016-08-24 17-54-59-05.jpg F1_2013 2016-08-24 17-55-04-53.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Uriel Pinheiro
    Uriel Pinheiro
    Version: 2016-09-23
    How can you bring skins from previous years like 2009,2010,2011 or older? Why do I find these fictitious skins really cool, and I think you can bring them in a very way to these cars ..
  2. RuFFy
    Version: 2016-09-23
    omfg that looks freaking awesome dude
    1. MrTheRacer
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate :)
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