Carbon UI Theme Pack

Carbon UI Theme Pack v1.0

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My 6 Carbon themes

I tried to change all the red parts to yellow, but either I didn't find them all or they are placed somewhere else and I didn't want to edit other files then the files which are in the theme folder because else these files would be always yellow which is stupid when you wanna change the theme again.

Therefor I made the red carbon themes for the people who don't like the yellow and red mixture.

Copy to steam dir folder

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa

You can change the theme by pressing CTRL + T in the game menu

Hope you like it :)
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Ctrl+T won't work for me!...
Great work!
I'm waiting new custom UI from long time ago. Just can't understand, why is so RARE type of modding. Hope, i'm will learn how it is to do with examples from you. Thanks for that!
Thanks, but why "only" 4 stars? Is there something you don't like? If so, I can try to change it.
What modding is all about... 5 stars maty

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