Caramel Gold Ferrari 1.0

Caramel Ferrari, Gold Ferrari, Ferrari

  1. SPEC
    this is a gold caramel skin for ferrari, hope you like it 2013-10-22_00007.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. schnofi2010
    Version: 1.0
    Brilliant Worki! :-)
  2. einogm
    Version: 2013-10-23
    It's a bit beginnerish work, I could say. You just painted got some color from Paint color wheel, used the fill tool to the red. The logos still have red inside and you also did not change colors of logos to match the car feel. Also Ferrari isn't Ferrari without red.
  3. Zander
    Version: 2013-10-23
    Looks lovely. Don't think I could ever do without a red Ferrari in F1 though.
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