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Car Models and Wireframes for Photoshop 1.2

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Car Models and Wireframes for Photoshop

As we noticed, this year the textures of the cars has been re-done by CM and there is a lot of mirroring and sponsors' sharing, and seems that skinning will be harder for all of us this year...

But I think that still worths to have something to work on to have things a bit more clear.

Car Models 2013 Completed
  • Red Bull done
  • Ferrari done
  • Mercedes done
  • Lotus done
  • McLaren done
  • Sauber done
  • Force India done
  • Toro Rosso done
  • Williams done
  • Caterham done
  • Marussia done
Car Models 80s - 90s
  • 1980 Williams FW07B
  • 1986 Team Lotus 98T
  • 1988 Ferrari F1-87/88C
  • 1988 Team Lotus 100T
  • 1988 Williams FW12
  • 1992 Ferrari F92A
  • 1992 Williams FW14B
  • 1996 Ferrari F310
  • 1996 Williams FW18
  • 1999 Ferrari F399
  • 1999 Williams FW21

I have split the cars in folders, and in every folder I have included both 3D models and wireframes only for who doesn't have the Photoshop Extended for 3D.

By the way, here is the list of the 'issues' I found in the process:

  • All the sponsors are 'shared' between the objects, so in the wireframes there are the 'polygons' that are placed one on top to the others. Same with the objects in carbon fiber (green squares in the sample)
  • There are a lot of pieces that are stored in very small size in a little square somewhere in the texture, and that means that we cannot do something there, but just changing the color, and since as last year the wireframes are all different between the cars, I will try to address them and let you know where they are (blue squares in the sample)
I hope this helps you guys..
I will keep updating this resource time by time after I do the other models.. also the classic models will follow..

If you want to download only specific models and not all of them, just follow the link below:

I have addressed the most part of the small size pieces for all the current cars:






Force India

Toro Rosso




That's my first try, so I hope that you will understand if I did some mistakes somewhere, so please let me know!
Andrea Isgrò
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Excellent!! Thanks for sharing. How can I get the classic cars? They are not in the download folder.
Very helpful for skinning!