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Campos Racing Santander '21 | Formula Hybrid 2021

Campos Racing Santander '21 | Formula Hybrid 2021 0.9

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Here is a fictional skin for Campos Racing if they entered Formula One with Santander as a title sponsor.

I know that 55 is Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz's number, but Campos is a Spanish team so it's a little bit of a fantasy line-up.


The idea behind the team is for them to essentially become Alpine's B-Team for junior drivers. And as Alpine are the only team on the grid to utilise the Renault Power Unit, having Campos as a second Renault user will help allow the "PU" to be improved.

The design is something I've been refining for a little while now. It started off as a quick artistic approach on how to incorporate the Rockstar logo into a design, and with the Spanish flag across the body it then naturally morphed into a hypothetical Campos livery.


The livery had been conceived on a 2D Photoshop livery template, and then I rendered a 3D version within GT: Sport on the Super Formula cars. Once happy with the design and with my PC rebuilt, I decided to take on RSS' new mod.

It's unfished however as I am missing the race suit, pitboards, team wear and the helmet. The gloves also ned a rework, but I am still learning the processes on how to do these things.


If you haven't already, you can buy the car here:

And also you can follow me on my platforms here:


I hope you like it, enjoy!

Feedback, ideas and other comments are welcome!


Thanks you for taking a look,


You Do Not have permission to modify and reupload my work to other skins &/or sims!
Stefan Clift
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