Camaro Z28 Monochrome Fluids 1.0

Camaro Z28 in a unique b/w Skin

  1. cr1zzmo
    Hi there.

    This is what happend to a flames painted Car after playing with the Photoshop Effects :geek:
    changed File:

    Back up your grid2/cars/models/z28 folder first!

    Replace z28_tex_hig
    h_user.pssg in --->C,D.....:\....\Steam\SteamApps\common\grid 2\cars\models\z28\livery_user\textures_high
    - Skull Head on the Roof
    - Clear Frontlights with Iron Cross
    - Grid2 nr. Plate
    - Red Overroll Cage ( in Tier 2)
    - many Details....

    Screens/Video contains Generics Mod made by chargingcar that you can find here:

    I hope you enjoy,
    Greetings Cr1zzmo

    Add me in Steam if you have Questions/Probs
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