BYD Suning Motorsport Team 1.0

Chinese Fantasy Team (replaces Renault)

  1. jonas.av
    Hey there!

    Here´s another mod, it´s a Chinese Fantasy Team called BYD Suning Motorsport Team, named after the chinese car manufacturer BYD and the Chinese Investment Group Suning, which recently bought out a few soccer teams. I´ve also added a few Chinese sponsors...I´m actually quite satisfied this time. :)

    Any feedback would be appreciated, even if it´s negative. It would be nice to know what I can improve, if you don´t like it. :D

    Enjoy! 20170204221517_1.jpg


    1. 20170204221526_1.jpg
    2. 20170204221536_1.jpg
    3. 20170204221544_1.jpg
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  1. T0p14S
    Version: 1.0
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