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Bulgarian texture pack 2.5

You want to be in bulgaria in 80s there you have it.

  1. the first update of 2019

    Happy baba marta for all bulgarians on this site.
    lets start with changlog:
    -new name for satsuma
    -new kitchen tiles
    -a easter egg from old ad on the sausage-
    and more
  2. update 2.4

    translated catalog parts-still in progress
    now everything is covered with snow


    1. picX82.png
  3. update 2.3

    updated for latest Test branch
  4. update 2.2

    -new food
    -new truck texture
    -new garage interior and door
    -new advertisment for computer
    and more picX16.jpg
  5. computer update

    -new texture for sugar
    -new truck texture
    -and new rusko paint
    -new logo for teimo
    -new coffee texture
    -new texture for normal tires
    -new texture for two plates on windows
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