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Brawn GP Skin v1.1

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I give you 2 stars for effort, but try it with something like a Marussia.
The Shark
The Shark
Horror :O
The Shark
The Shark
why horror?
as the guys before me said.its not that good.the original brawn gp car has 2 lines on the nose going all the way to the cockpit and then 2 lines going from back of the cockpit to the back of the car.the logos arent looking that great either.and yes its too shiny.a bit more effort will make this a great skin.i could certainly do with a good brawn gp skin.also the car is mercedes not mclaren ;)
The Shark
The Shark
yes, I can improve it, but the car in the screen is not Mercedes, is McLaren,but since I put too glossy seems mercedes fact then the file replace the mclaren
Doesnt look good at all, nice try though
Doesn't look much like Brawn, far to shiny to begin with. Keep the updates coming however and hopefully you'll nail it.