Brawn GP - Formula A 1.0

Skin for the 2009 world champion F1 car.

  1. f32010
    Again, i don't know why my pc keeps taking black screenshot forcing me to take photos of the screen with my phone :mad::mad::mad:.
    Anyway, try this skin if you like and let me know what do you think! ;)


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Recent Reviews

  1. Tthaddee
    Version: 1.0
    Your livery isn't finished. Curved aren't curved but more a succetions of lines, front of the nose is really ugly ... To me, your skin isn't finished. Publish an update and we'll see.
    (maybe you'd consider to buy the game to make screenshots? :P)
    1. f32010
      Author's Response
      I've bought the game when it was in sale and for some strange reasons i still get black screenshot all the time.
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