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BMW Z4 Color Pack (final edition) 1.4

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Hi there,

Here are a few new colors for the Z4. All these skins include my leather interiors. The original colors are also replaced with higher quality paintworks (the colors stay the same).

The suits where made by blackcelica and I edited the color of the helmets.

Note: for some reason, loading directly most of these skins in the showroom will make it crash. You'll have to load the white skin and then navigate to the others once in the showroom.

Installation: in your skins folder, delete all color folders (black, black_matt, blue, default and red), then unpack this archive.

Latest updates

  1. Actual final update (most likely)

    That previous "final update" turns out to be a lie. :ninja: I've reworked all the skins in...
  2. Final update, all reworked, 9 new skins

    This should be the final update. Previous skins have been reworked in order to go into more...
  3. 3 new skins

    3 new skins for this update. The dark blue skin features my new black leather interior.

Latest reviews

Thank you for these skins!
Really great work Edouard ;)
Edouard 25
Edouard 25
Thanks :)
Great addition to the game.
Edouard 25
Edouard 25
Thank you. Happy you like it :)
A Beautiful skin you have made here. It's to pretty to Race IMHO...........................=)
Edouard 25
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