BMW M4 Ken Block 1.43

M4 Ken Block Edition

  1. destinationriver
    Hey guys,

    I created a Ken Block Edition of the M4. It has a matte finish with 43 on the side, added as metal plates.
    I created it on the Akrapovic version, but it should also work with the basic one.
    And there is also bonus content in the file ;)

    Oh, and there is sth yellow on the inside, dunno how to fix it, if anybody can help, You're welcome :)

    Hope you enjoy :)




Recent Reviews

  1. RufGTI
    Version: 1.43
    Nice idea but you should improve the logos (especially DC one)
    1. destinationriver
      Author's Response
      What's wrong with the DC one? :D In my eyes it looks right in the middle there :) Contact me with a message for that please