BMW M3 E30 S1 | THE BEAST | Rat Style Skin

BMW M3 E30 S1 | THE BEAST | Rat Style Skin 1.01

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Very nice job. But also very original. Love it!
j'adore, superbe skins, merci
I will crash this to some trees on hill climb tracks. It looks even better when it's damaged I guess :)
Well for a first skin, this is truely good work. So creative, innovative and with a succesful result. Ultra-cool, with a good sense of humor. Keep it up!!
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah

Thank you. I'm flattered.
Big bonus points for the hilarious "ad," heh!

I can't WAIT to throw this on the grid with the other proper go-getters, haha..

The Alfa you're working on would be my next pick too; probably many are aware of the, uh, 'homegrown" GTAs in the various ISI based sims.

Awesome. Thanks for this.
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Speaking of throwing it on the grid... The Group A Update will have an optional CARBON HOOD(!!!) for about 1000 more HP!


Hopefully the track marshals won't notice you sneaking it onto the grid so easily that way.
Huge fan of the rat and drift missile style cars. Looks excellent on the E30 Drift while drifting. Quality stuff
Awesome !
Awesome, Thank you!!
Excellent idea mate ! Thanks for sharing it :D
very original,
and very well done.
looks soooooo cool!
thank you!
Ben Dovah
Ben Dovah
Thank you!

I've just started on an Alfa Romeo GTA. I think the shape should lend itself to the 'rust bucket' look quite nicely. ;-)