BMW 235i Scheid Motorsport Eifelblitz 2014 VLN & 24h V1.0

BMW 235i Scheid Motorsport Eifelblitz 2014 VLN & 24h V1.0 2015-07-16

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#301 BMW M235i Racing - "Team Scheid-Partl Motorsport" - 24h Nürburgring 2014
#666 BMW M235i Racing - "Team Scheid-Partl Motorsport" - VLN 7 2014

Version 1.0


Painted & Copyright by: DM2zzion



- NO commercial usage
- ONLY for private use
- use in carpacks ONLY with my permission

Atfer several months and over 50 hours of work I'm finally able to proudly present
you my Skins of the "Eifelblitz" Scheid Motorsport BMW M235i 2014. I tried my very best
to recreate this livery as exactly as possible, this download features:
- two skins: from the 24h race (#301) and VLN race 7 (#666). Here I worked extremely
detailed, I recreated assymetrical differences, also considered different placement
of the same logo at the two races and e.g. even put the official scrutineering sticker
on the bonnet. Furthermore I made a chrome matte finish, altough chrome isn't really
supported by AC I tried my best.
- driver suit, helmet, crew suits, crew helmets, crew headset are painted as well including
custom normal maps
- pit wall stand is painted too. In reality they don't use this kind of pit stand, but I adapted
the design of theirs to the Kunos one
- I painted several misc. textures, e.g. to hide the original Kunos red tow hook arrows

Credits, many thanks to:
- Muhlai for painting the driver helmet
- Scheid Motorsport for sending me their logo (the one on the back of the crew suits)
- Miniauto for sending me their logo

© DM2zzion 2015

Latest reviews

loving it!!!
Great work!!
Very nice skins. Love'em! Thank you
Great job , cheers mate !

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