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Better Sorting, Brand Badges & Reiza's Style TGA Image for CIGT 2016 by Sylphide 1.11

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EEC GT3 Mod by PATR10T
CIGT 2016 Skinpack by Sylphide


Better Sorting, Brand Badges & Reiza's Style TGA Image for CIGT 2016 by Sylphide

When I discovered CIGT 2016 skinpack for EECGT3 by Sylphide I was amazed by its quality. It's a 9,9/10 mod for me. He did named the car classes well but I thought it could be named a little bit better, so this is just for the OCPD sim-drivers just like me, who like it all clean and arranged to perfection (or near perfection).


Class naming and opponent sorting:
When you install the CIGT 2016 skinpack you can see the class names are "GT3" and "S.GT3". I re-named the classes to GT and Super GT, just for better understanding. And I also filtered the classes into opponent selection, for separate races for each class or selecting the two for Multiclass Racing (although the performance of GT and Super GT is similar).


Brand badges:
The skinpack doesn't come with the brand badges (or logos) included for the car selection, so I copied and configured the badges so they show up when selecting a team of GTs or Super GTs, for you to better know which car brand will you drive.


Reiza's style TGA image:
I created a custom TGA image for the mod, trying to imitate the Reiza Style(tm) for the icons in the main menu. Just for it to look like it pertains to the game, because the EECGT3 mod is that good, the skinpack by Sylphide is that good, its talent files are that good and my custom TGA image is that good (I hope).

You can see all those three features in this two images:

Un-zip on your Automobilista folder and let it overwrite.
MAY 10th 2019 - Mod has been updated to v1.1, check it out!

I hope you like this add-on and no, I couldn't come up for a better name for this resource. We could name it the CIGT 2016 Enhancer... but not really because the CIGT 2016 skinpack comes enhanced as it is. I believe Sylphide even corrected the original driving eye point from the EECGT3 original mod, so that's fantastic. ... Let's call this the Extreme OCPD Reliever Add-On for CIGT 2016 That Is Not Needed Really But It Helps A Bit.

See ya on track!



PATR10T for the amazing EEC_GT3 mod.
Sylphide for an amazing work on a CIGT 2016 skinpack.
Foxtochop (me) for this resource.

The guy who discovered OCPD and named it.
Óscar Melero
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In your zip there is not what you say.
No GT / SGT classes , in *.veh (Class = "ITGT16GT")
No badge or Logo.
Óscar Melero
Óscar Melero
My mistake. Will be corrected for the next update.
the truth did not have this mod, just download the files and install it and it's great, thanks.
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