Bentley Continental GT3 2017 International GT OPEN (2017) Jordan Racing #10 2017-12-31

#10 Jordan Racing Bentley Continental GT3 2017

  1. Vasilis Katerinakis
    This the bentley GT3 raced by Jordan Witt in the international GT Open series. Unfortunally i am not able to find 1 sponsor. If somehow i found said sponsor i will update the skin. Also i found varous pictures of this car so it is just a mix of them. C_J5pYUWsAAEpek.jpg 2017-12-31_17-05-36.jpg 2017-12-31_17-30-58.jpg
    In order to install the skin you have to go to your rfactor 2 folder is located and then go to user data >player >settings > Bentley_Continental_GT3_2017.
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  1. Ned
    Version: 2017-12-31
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