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Mercedes AMG GT3 - Blancpain (2018) Strakka Racing Pack v2

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  1. Vasilis Katerinakis
    Hearing that Strakka is switching from McLaren to Mercedes i decided to make their liveries from the picture which they provided as of 27/1/2018. DN8MfwHW4AAjC-0.jpg ApplicationFrameHost_2018-01-27_19-45-24.png 2018-01-27_16-06-15.png 2018-01-27_15-57-19.png
    In order to install the skin you have to go to your rfactor 2 folder is located and then go to user data >player >settings >Mercedes_AMG_GT3_2017.


    1. 2018-01-27_15-57-51.jpg
    2. 2018-01-27_15-58-14.jpg
    3. 2018-01-27_15-58-49.jpg
    4. 2018-01-27_15-59-24.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Charly69
    Version: 2017-11-09
    ...many great AMGs thx