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Barcelona (3 Seasons, 4 Layouts, DRS) 2.10

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Hello everyone.
Lets start with some thanks to the team :
- Denis for pictures
- Luigi for cams
- JoRo for his textures (curbs, foliage)
- Gringo for AIW and his great help to tweak/test/compile some stuff

So, lets go for this Barcelona for AMS.

4 layouts and 3 seasons :
  • National 1991/1993
  • National Modern
  • GP 2003
  • GP Modern (with and without DRS)
I could spend months to tweak/fix/upgrade things on such a track but, well, I think we have something very honorable here. Hope you will enjoy. There are enough layouts to run there in many cars I think.

Installation : extract to C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Automobilista\GameData\Locations

Latest updates

  1. Improved curbs

    (Barcelona_AMS_V2.10.7z) MD5 = 0A0687C41F22D4EE7D06F34297D658E4 Hello All, A bit more work to...
  2. Track renovation with focus on mesh issues, Improved physics, New AI, Garage details

    Special note : Make sure to remove any previous versions of Barcelona from your locations folder...
  3. Grass and temps updates on all track versions

    Grass and temps updates on all track versions

Latest reviews

Excellent track, thank you for share!
This track is very well done and detailed. I wanted to ask where this track comes from. Is this a conversion from any other game? Or is it made from scratch? and from what pieces?
Best keep it up
Thanks! How can I change the AI path? Sometimes the AI get too close to a side road objects and crashes into it.
Great job! Thanks!
Can't keep up with the thanks for your hard work and superlative efforts!!!!!!
you sir are working so hard! Thanks for the effort and for sharing!!! Have a nice day!!
Phenomenal update! A ton of work to improve this already impressive track. Thanks!!
what to say?......its Patrick standars :P. Great as always . Thanks to pactrick we have and enjoy so many great euro and american tracks on ams!
Kenny Paton
Looks brilliant thanks for the update, really good work.
Its a very good and strong update, however, it's very weird with the flat curbs. I feel like there are too many of them around the track and it gives a weird feeling.
Thank you for new update . GREAT ! ! !
Originally downloaded like 9 months ago & have put tons of miles on it. Just noticed i hadn't left a review yet. Really Excellent Track! As with all your work it just feels like a polished product.
No annoying bugs or quirks. Just load it up & Drive.
The amount of time & effort you have put into making this Sim awesome is truly Remarkable! So Huge thank you for all the amazing content you've released.
Obrigado! otima pista
Great job! Very cool! Thw!
Thanks dude!!! Awesome job!
Great job
Awesome job! Thanks!