AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) Barnes/Skelton Skin '71 Bathurst Runner-up

AVRP XY Falcon (Uncle M) Barnes/Skelton Skin '71 Bathurst Runner-up 0.8

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Second go at my first skin. Found some better pictrues to refine the livery with adjusted scallops, pin-striping, and some missing sponsorship

Make sure you have the AVRP version of the mod, not the street or S1 version

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Latest updates

  1. Barnes XY Bathurst 1971 tidied up V0.8

    Hi all, found some better pics of this livery, and being one of the better executed of the '71...

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Neat job. Finally Falcon XY gets some love and attention from a talented skin maker.
Very nice job! Love to see some more Bathurst skins! Cheers!

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