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Automotodrom Grobnik 2.71

Automotodrom Grobnik, Rijeka Croatia

  1. Grobnik version 2.7

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in version 2.71:
    - changed all images to *.dds format for gaining fps
    - changed some skidmarks which were not in their place by mistake
    - changed lighting to some objects to make whole thing even more real
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  2. Grobnik version 2.7

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in version 2.7:
    - complete new skidmarks, brake marks and racing line
    - new all kinds of rocks surrounding the track
    - new marshalls and people around the track
    - optimized the track a bit with using lods and some lower textures (not noticeable, but helps)
    - fixed some trees
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  3. Grobnik version 2.6

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats is new in Grobnik version 2.6:
    - complete new lighting for trees and 3d grass (redefined normals in 3ds max)
    - some new curbs
    - new lighting for some of the objects on and around the track
    - lowered a skidmarks layer closer to the road layer (so no more visible skidmarks from side)
    - prevented for cutting in 3rd sector (from backstraight to the main one), now are tyre barriers there

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  4. Grobnik version 2.5

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in version 2.5:
    - created new lighting for all vegetation
    - new lighting for some objects around track
    - new 3d grass (2 types)
    - same minor changes
    - IMPORTANT: added some tyres after 2nd intermediate time to prevent cuting track back to s/f line (told of Niki Dzakovic and Andrea Lojelo)
  5. Grobnik version 2.4

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in version 2.4:
    - added different types of grooves that change during the sessions (depending on initial grip and number of players)
    - added 3d stones on some up-hill locations
    - changed the main wall that splits pits and track on s/f line (including textures on commercials)
    - added higher 3d grass neat the fence and tyre barriers
    - changed some trees
    - some small adjustments
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  6. Grobnik version 2.3

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in version 2.3 (31.3.2015)
    - red triangles in two turns no longer so deadly (no they can be run over, but still with some caution)
    - changes colors (diffuse and ambient) for most of the object
    - added rocks on some parts to look more real
    - lots of minor changes

    No intention for any further updates, so this could be the final version!
  7. Grobnik version 2.2

    Mitja Bonca
    - changed grass textures, to look brighter and like in spring (spring to summer) time
    - changed lights for it and for some other important objects in the scene that create a common light at particular time of a day
  8. Grobnik version 2.1

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new:
    - 28 pits and starting grids (4 more then before)
    - added 2d tree walls (on the far surrounding hills) for higher fps
    - added more 3d grass (but only visible when using world details on maximum) - to improve fps
    - changed the tarmac, kerbs and rocks lights & reflections (looks more real in the day light or when sun is rising/falling)
    - lots of minor changes
  9. Grobnik version 2.0

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in version 2.0:
    - 3D grass added (finally)
    - new kerbs (some new, some changed)
    - new textures for almost everything (tarmac, grass, rocks, kerbs,...)
    - lights of all objects adjusted accordingly
    - cameras added and changed
    - lots of small fixes

    Note: 3d grass will only be visible when using world details very high and maximum (be warned of a lower fps)!


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  10. Grobnik version 1.6

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in version 1.6:
    - fixed starting order on the grids
    - fixed pits (since previous update there were a complete new pits, but now updated)
    - added some planes on the airport and a (rescue) helicopter to the track (behind the pits)
    - fixed some bumps on the road surface (specially in the Zagrebacki turn, before last one, on a special wish, since it was a bit exaggerated)
    - changed grass textures (to look like its scorched) same goes for the trees
    - changed tarmac texture (more...
  11. Grobnik version 1.5

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in version 1.5:
    - complete new pit buildings (main two and some additional in the back of the pits)
    - grids are moved 50 meters further and repositioned (now looks like in reality)
    - added airport with surrounding houses and airplanes, which is close to the track (on south side)
    - completely working starting lights (reds and green)
    - new guard houses around the track
    - changed brake tables with 300, 200 and 100 meters
    - added hey bails around the track (in blue and yellow color)
  12. Grobnik version 1.41

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in version 1.41:
    - new kerbs (some remodeled) and changed colors
    - trees in surrounding of the track
    - some stuff in pits (glasses, white lines, cars, trucks)
    - skidmarks (some new and changed)
  13. Grobnik version 1.4

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in Grobnik version 1.4:
    - 3d trees in whole surrounding of the track (track included) with many kinds of different trees (and bushes)
    - changed grass and rocks textures
    - changed tarmac textures
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  14. Grobnik version 1.3

    Mitja Bonca
    What new in version 1.3:
    - re-modeled 3D terrain around the track and surrounding hills and mountains and added some batter textures to them
    - re-modeled track (tarmac it self) and changed some parts of it
    - added some bumps and rebounds to the track surface (and removed some too)
    - new tarmac, grass, gravel, textures
    - added more 3d trees (removed all 2d trees), even new one (most pine trees)
    - reworked pits, buildings now look more real, changed 50% of all (note on 3d text :) )


    1. 2015-01-24_00001.jpg
    2. 2015-01-24_00002.jpg
    3. 2015-01-24_00003.jpg
    4. 2015-01-24_00004.jpg
  15. Grobnik version 1.2

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in version 1.2:
    - added complete 3D terrain including all surrounding hills and mountains (some are so far away, that AC engine does not show, see the images)
    - changed grass and some other textures
    - added bumps and rebounds to the track surface (to feel more real, since the original tarmac is more then 30 years old and all cracked), thats why some higher riding hight on the cars needed ;)


    1. grobnik_3dsMax.jpg
    2. grobnik_3dsMax2.jpg
  16. Grobnik version 1.1

    Mitja Bonca
    Updates in version 1.1:
    - almost complete new track mash
    - reworked kerbs (added some new ones)
    - new grass, gravel, sand and rocks textures
    - new AI
    - new trees and horizon (surrounding hills)
    - a lot of small fixes
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  17. Update 1.01

    Mitja Bonca
    Updates in 1.01:
    - new textures for tarmac, grass (many kinds of it), rocks
    - new textures for many things except what in pits (comes later on)
    - remodeled track mash (and removed some bumps)
    - sticky grass removed
    - tighter entrance into pits (with tyre wall) like in real life now
    - remodeled white lines
    - new small guard houses beside the track
    - changed brake markers (for 150, 100 and 50 meters) and added some lines on the grass beside these brake markers(like in real like)
    - feel ever...
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