Automotodrom Grobnik

Automotodrom Grobnik 2.71

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The Automotodrom Grobnik Rijeka lies on the Croatian coast, in the mountains above Rijeka city. Circuit runs in an anti-clockwise direction with a total distance of 4.17 kilometres (2.59 miles) which includes a series of long straights and fast left-right sweeping corners. Track it self is because of that very challenging to drive, specially in a cars with a low downforce.

Although the circuit is approved by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme) and the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). The focus is mainly on training, testing and particularly on concerts which perfectly fit with the beautiful surroundings.

From 1978 to 1990 it hosted the Yugoslavian motorcycle Grand Prix races where ases like Roberts, Lawson, Rainey and other famous riders were winning.

  • Author: Bojan Pintar (origianally for rFactor), approved by him self
  • Conversion: Mitja Bonca
Track features:
  • 28 pitboxes (same number of grids) and working pitlane
  • complete 3D terrain with all surrounding hills and mountains
  • fully working AI (which passes each other)
  • 3d grass (and 3d trees)
  • trackmap and sections.ini (for writing the corner names)
  • brake marks (skidmarks) and uneven surface because of the old tarmac
  • airfield near by the track with aircrafts
  • 7 cameras (4 TV, 2 static, 1 aerial)
  • track and surrounding set to summer time environment
  • dynamic grooves
Video from ver2.7:

If you want to help improving my work and keep me going you can donate. Thank You very much in advance.

Mitja Bonca
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Latest reviews

As a Croatian I can't thank you enough for doing this Mitja. I hope you would find time to give it a refresh it deserves 5y later. If i could be of any assistance, let me know in PM.
love this track
Very good track, we can quickly go wrong.
Congrats for the work done and thank you for sharing :D
A super cool track, really fun ! Thank you !
I can't believe I've never reviewed this track - I've been racing on it for ages! Its easily one of the best tracks on AC, tricky, fast, frantic and so much fun. The AI is really competitive and I love the fact that they seem (to me) to make random mistakes, which is really refreshing and totally removes any feeling that everyone is running on rails.

Weirdly for me I get this glitch where I can cross the line in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or whatever, but it always puts me 16th or something similar in the official results. Dunno why, but who cares, the racing is absolutely epic!
Mitja Bonca
Mitja Bonca
Thanks a lot mate, really appreciate it.
Very good track and mod. Unluckily mountain shadows seem to be glitched and they are like flickering and doing strange things that really distract me.
I'm using sol and custom shaders patch recommended versions. Although it has been happening to me using previous versions too
Looks very good. How did you made this track?
Simply awesome!
Proga odlična, super za vajo! HVALA
Mitja Bonca
Mitja Bonca
Np. Greš kdaj dol na progo vozit v "živo"?
Vrhunski! Hvala Mitja!
im from Croatia and i like so much this track
Mitja, jel ima mogucnost da cete stavit novi asfalt kao sto je sad na grobniku i da li postoji mogucnost da napravite verziju sa šikanama, kao sto je na Formula Driver natjecanju, inace fenomenalan mod. Bravo Slovenci.
Mitja Bonca
Mitja Bonca
Jaz bi rad progo v celoti lasersko skeniral in naredil čisto novo progo za pc sim. Upam da kmalu.
Great track. Very fun to drive.
Love this track, and apologies for the late review. Any plans to update/redo it Mitja?
Mitja Bonca
Mitja Bonca
I hope for a complete new laser scanned version of it :)
Really Awsome track. The flow is Great.
brate moj ovo je must have legenda si
Great !! Reccomend !!! One of the best replay cam ever made in AC. Congrat !!!
Great track one of my favorite. Special for me cuz I am from Croatia. Bravo!
Really nice track and well made. just love it with the Porsche cup car (1.23.6 ;)
It doesn't load, installed it 3 times but doesn't work for me (installed other tracks and they load properly), any tip?
Quality track.
Looks and drives very good. Only RSR mentions while driving that a newer version mod is available?