Audi TT Cup - Super Eurobeat 2018-03-14

Super Eurobeat Skin for Audi TT Cup car

  1. Davidson11
    Hello guys. Today I'm presenting a skin I made on my own for the Audi TT Cup car, based on the Super Eurobeat 217 cover.


    Here you have a little preview of the car in Brands Hatch:

    I saw there are not many skins for this car, and as I use it in the Sim Racing System league, I decided to modify this one.

    I preferred to mantain the main sponsor logos and the standard livery from the rest of the cars.

    It's the first skin I make so I will kindly receive any feedback from you.


    I hope you like it!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hazmat
    Version: 2018-03-14
    nice! need more skins for tt cup!
    1. Davidson11
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D