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Audi Sport F1 Team Skin 1.1

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My first attempt at making a skin mod for this game. I thought I would try out an Audi skin for Marussia due to there being rumours that Marussia might be getting brought over by Audi.

I will soon turn this into a full mod with Helmets and Garages etc. once I figure out how to do it.

There is a slight problem with the old skin ghosting through so if anyone knows a fix to that I will apply it to the next update.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated Livery and Garage

    Changes from original Livery "Ghosting" of the old Marussia Livery has been fixed Audi Sport...

Latest reviews

Great Mod, but I think their should be a few more sponsor logos on the Car
Still a great mod, but where is DHL ?
I explained in the update notes that it will be added once I figure out how to put it on the livery without it having a freak attack.
I had it on there but for some reason it warped and was all over parts of the car I did not want it to be so it will be in 1.2 once I figure out a way around it.
the reason the old livery is ghosting through may be due to the specular map file not being edited causing the reflections on some of the old logos and colours ghosting through to fix this just make the specular map file a light blue and it will fix it
I will include that with the update. It should be released soon enough
Very good mod! Surely I'll go the career with this car! Maybe a good idea to make Lotterer instead Chilton, isn't it? (Of course if you can do it)
Great mod! Thanks! That´s what I was waiting for.
But can you please add DHL as sponsor to the sideboards beneath the air openings beneath the cockpit. Sorry for my bad English. Hope you understand what I mean and add DHL.
Thanks for this mod, it´s really well done.
I will have that on the next update, thanks for the feedback.
Looks very nice, thanks bro :D.
Thanks :)
I will have an improved version of it out soon enough With garages etc.
This is the Audi livery I was waiting for, good job!
Thanks, I am working on v2 at the moment. I have the garages made but the livery is getting some small alterations and fixes
Not bad ;)
Thanks! :)
Im planning on improving on it in the near future as I have noticed I have left out sponsors and a few other things that are taking away from the Audi look of the car but I am happy with how it is going for now.
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