Audi RS4 B8 Avant LPD Streetracer 1.0

LPD Streetracer Edition

  1. Lucian Paine
    The Audi RS4 B8 Avant "LucianPaineDesign" Streetracer-Edition

    This was my personal very first LPD Streetrace-Car. This RS4 family car with much power makes me start the whole Streetrace-Design Idea to set on some other cars to.

    This Car in NOT ingame from the beginning, you might need to download the Mod first, but where to find it and get some more Pictures, please follow to my blog
    As always simracers, if you got an Idea for a car that could be nice for streetrace-Design, let me know via FaceBook or here @Lucian Paine
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