Audi R8 LMS new skin 2.21


  1. canrod88
    New Changes:

    1.- Added new files MTX:

    * audi_r8_lms_neon
    * livery_audi_r8_lms_2015_01_cpit

    2.- Added new files MEB: "Modified to embed the file neon mtx"

    * audi_r8_lms_bumper_f_loda
    * audi_r8_lms_bumper_f_lodb

    3.- Added new files BMT:

    * audi_r8_lms_lights_diff
    * audi_r8_lms_lights_spec
    * audi_r8_lms_lights_glow
    * audi_r8_lms_neon_diff
    * audi_r8_lms_neon_spec
    * common_lightflares_03
    * audi_r8_lms_2015_caliper_diff "Modified to correct defective coupling shadow chassis with the brake disc, plus original color of the calipers."
    * audi_r8_lms_2015_caliper_spec

    4.- Added new Skins:

    * Team Hitotsuyama #21 "Modified by Tatit original k of the community. I added alpha layer for the silver metal."
    * 24h Spa 2015 WRT #2 "Made by me."
    * 24h Spa 2015 WRT #2 "Made by me."
    * and their banners. Audi R8 LMS new skin2.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Marcus-EMR
    Version: 2.21
    Can you or someone give a bit more explanation how to install these files? Which files to which map :)
  2. Shadowoff
    Version: 2.21
    Great liveries. Really love them. Could you please also make the #1 WRT Blancpain Livery of the 24h Spa 2015?

    Good work, keep it up.
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