Audi R8 LMS #29 Montaplast by Land Motorsport Rolex Daytona 24h 2018 1.2

#29 Audi for the Daytona 24hr 2018

  1. Brand New Tires and folder name fix

    I've now learned how to make tires and given a much needed refresh to the tires on this car. Tried to make them as accurate as possible with the few low(ish) resolution photos that I could find.

    Stripes on the wheel rims have been aligned with the air valve as I've been told they are to make it easier to find the valve.

    I've also renamed the skin folder to remove the # that was causing issues for people using the standard AC launcher, so be sure to delete the old folder before putting...
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  2. Optimisation and Audi Sport Lettering fix

    • Changed texture export settings in photoshop resulting in a massive reduction in file size - now aprox 1/4 the total size it was and improved compatibility as well.
    • Completely new map file (matte/gloss paint effects). Changed green parts to be ever so slightly less matte now, but all logos/stickers are fully matte so looks better.
    • Fixed Audi sport logo on engine cover to have white lettering and improved image quality of this part as well.
    • Included missing tyre blur...
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