Assetto Corsa - Formula Classic/McLaren MP4-7 skin

Assetto Corsa - Formula Classic/McLaren MP4-7 skin 2014-07-03

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McLaren MP4-7 skin
One of my favourite car ever... Gerhard among the greats! The charismatic teammate of the legendary Ayrton Senna in the 1991 Season. It's another skin for the Formula Classic. Hope you like, if you want leave a feed and share! Thanks

Livery add-on

Fix the butterfly

Download my Formula Classic pack and add the skin folder


Here I wanna share my Ayrton Senna day at Imola, it's been a very special day and really great stuff!!574&ithint=folder,.jpg&authkey=!ABl1weoyIpGlIMU
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Nice !!!!!!!!!
Thanks! I will try to make a final update for the skins, fixing a part of the liveries. Another skin coming soon, it's about a Lion with the crown...
Beautiful, thanks a lot !
Thank you for the comment!
Just amazing ! Thanks for this car and for the mod too ! Waiting for other cars, just good luck ;)
Thank you!

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