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Aomori Speed Park

Aomori Speed Park 1.0

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This is a mod for Aomori Speed Park, a circuit in Aomori Prefecture.

I posted Version 0.2 in March, but this time I have reworked it and released it as a complete version. I have tried to reproduce all the parts that can be reproduced.

I hope you enjoy it. and if you can support me with Paypal, it will motivate me to continue.

・Needs CSP
・18 pits/grids

※May24, 2021 replay cam added.





Latest updates

  1. Geotag added

    It can set the right sun trajectory. Thank you Mr.Peter Boese.
  2. replay cam added

  3. Updates the "AomoriSpeedPark"

    I hope enjoy it.

Latest reviews

Great work thank you !
Nice track!
I see like shiny edges of the side lines.
using CSP 1.75.
A really hard track to master. Excellent quality! Congrats!
If this is your first mod, i can't wait to see more from you! I can't make a review that do your creation justice.. Super duper enjoyable track! So much thank you!
This track has it all, tricky corner ,track elevation, tricky bump and very very thigh corner. It is everything you want from a not so famous Japanese track
Training and learning basic car control should be perfect in this track. A.I. is also very good and do provide a very good competitive play. But, first thing i would like to see is improvement on lack of detail on the track . For example, adding some tall grass around a few corner,denser grass, some rock feature and more in dept detail in the pit lane. Also considering adding a bit more pit! But overall i like this track, and i can really see it develop with labor! i hope to see it develop! and i really recommend you give this track a try because its quite fun!
File size
121.4 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.67 star(s) 6 ratings

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