AMS F_Ultimate Gloves,Tag, Box,Suit ,20Race file,Pack 1.1

AMS F1 F_Ultimate

  1. ke5ke1en50
    It is for pebz's perfect skin pack, Introduce pebz's skin pack first.

    AFry and Ja1981's perfect helmet pack

    Please install arms from the showroom gloves.

    The championship can fight on your favorite circuit,
    Choose the circuit first in the test for each round.
    20170628121333_1.jpg 20170628121117_1.jpg
    20170630144053_1.jpg 20170628120711_1.jpg
    Box are displayed only for Official Reiza Studios courses:notworthy:,
    It is not displayed in the recording replay,
    Please look at the replay from the beginning by panel operation after the end of the race.

Recent Reviews

  1. ClimaxF1
    Version: 1.1
    You don't answer in the support section! I have the latest version of AMS and your textures don't appear properly in the game and your files are too large and unnecessary.
    Thanks for no reply!
    1. ke5ke1en50
      Author's Response
      The question has not come to the latest version is also displayed.
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