Alternative GUI and texture mods for damage, flags and "wrong way" 1.4

Some minor changes to reduce screen info or simplify it.

  1. Grand Tourist
    Hey people,

    you might know me as a (good) livery designer from last year (check out my livery design packs for the 458, Huayra, LaFerrari and P1), but I had some business to do that needed to be done and now maybe, just maybe, I might be coming back to draw some new liveries or sth for AC.
    This is a very small step towards that....
    I reduced the size of the damage displayer to half its resolution, also I moved it further down the left corner and changed the display time in a way it is always visible (from the moment you hit your car or brake hard) but never bothers you.
    I changed the flags to "lights", 3 lights in a row as more tracks have these lights. In the picture I manually added them to the screen because it's very difficult to capture them while driving.
    All flags have been replaced but mainly the colours have been respected, except finish flag I replace with red-yellow-red lights with text "end of race" written in them. I also added red lights (but there's no red flag in the game??!!)
    In the pictures the lights might seem rough on the edges but that's because of the small resolution and size automatically like that in game. I HAVE NOTICED THIS AND I WILL MAKE SURE IN FUTURE UPDATES THIS WILL BE PROFESSIONALLY REMOVED AND IMPROVED. It's just some experimenting I have done now ;)
    And last I changed the way too big and bright "wrong way" sign into simply the words "wrong way" half transparent and small because I think it is clear for most of us which direction to head, is it not?
    Well, as simple as it may seem, I like these changes for myself because they lighten the info on screen whilst driving, and still provide enough info.
    To extract : simply select the "assettocorsa" map and overwrite onto "assettocorsa" or select the features you'd like only (like texture map with damage displayer) and delete the rest.
    Enjoy and maybe some day I will start painting again.


    1. displayer.jpg
    2. 2016-01-04_00004.jpg
    3. 2016-01-04_00005.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. gauciolr
    Version: 1.4
    hello nice to
    a question I have a triple screen and the damage to the car I see little ones at the bottom left
    You can not move a little higher and enlarge them?
    1. Grand Tourist
      Author's Response
      Well, I could but that would probably make it unfit for the single screen this is what I'll do: I will change the size to about 150% of the current size and I will make a 175% version too. When I upload them, I will tell how you can change the position of that item on screen....which is fairly easy : go to the damage_display.ini file in system cfg and adjust the x and y value until it's on the right position.
      If you have a graphics software like GIMP2 for example, you can adjust the damage items size yourself by simply opening them and adjust scale. I made them 25% of the original size I think. To find those files, go to the texture map in content where you will find the damage map, in there are all damage items located. Each part of the car is identified seperately, so you need to adjust all items to the right scale. Just make sure before you change the size, you check the original size first to keep the scale into account for each item. I think it's the engine item that only has a different scale than others.

      If you need help, just send a pm and I will answer asap ;
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