Alt Physics 0.3b Audi Quattro B group weight dist. fix 62.1% 0.1

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  1. exbagboy
    To be used with RFPE 0.4 plugin.

    Paste aqb.ctf file in Dirt Rally folder. Backup your old aqb file if you'd like the older physics.

    The game depicts the second version, which has a shorter chassis from the original. this version has a weight dist. of 62.1% front

    This will make the car understeer and more challenging, like the original second version of the Quattro. I recommend softening the front suspension to get more front grip. ver2(short).jpg

    Original version of my Quattro has a weight distribution of fron 53% which is the 3rd version of the quattro with a new, lighter chassis. (below) ver3.jpg

    New Bitmap Image.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sergrs84
    Version: 0.1
    Nice! Can you make a redlin on 8250rpm?
    1. exbagboy
      Author's Response
      Yes I figured out a way to do it, the current version at 7000 is inaccurate,

      however the version in the game is the first version of Audi Quattro Sport S1 which has a redline of 7500

      The next version S1 E2 has a redline at 8250 and more advanced aero, lower weight and better weight distribution.

      also I am getting conflicting specs from different website.
  2. pedro272
    Version: 0.1
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