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All Teams Career Helmet Pack

All Teams Career Helmet Pack 2.1

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All Teams Career Helmet Pack

This year the helmet modifications were different, so I only managed to change one helmet so far.

Installation: Copy and paste:

Copy the folders "2020_asset_groups" and "character_package" that are inside the folders of each team. (Choose only 1 helmet)

02. Paste the folders where your F1 2020 is installed and confirm the replacement of the files.

03. In the game, choose the 70 year old helmet.

Glitter or Matte. Make your choice.







Latest updates

  1. All Teams Career Helmet Pack 2.1

    Fixed the matte helmets. Now there will be no more reflection.
  2. All Teams Career Helmet Pack 2.0

    New material added - matte. Removed DDS files to optimize space. Copy and paste only.
  3. All Teams Career Helmet Pack 1.3

    Reworked the textures of the Mercedes Black and Williams helmets. Added Ferrari Special Edition...

Latest reviews

Guina, se não tiver desbloqueado nenhum dos capacetes de dlc, funciona também?
Great Work!
great work!
nice but sometimes the game crashed.
Had to buy the DLC first, awesome mod
Get in there!! super
would be great but i dont have the 70th anniversary dlc so i cant use them
Very good
how can i put them on my ps4?
great helmets but when i try to apply them it just makes the helmet white
I love the helmets. But when I try and put the helmet's in the files the helmet doesn't put the livery on it and the helmet just goes white
Brilliant mod, please release more!
This is just what I needed! Accomplished about all I could in owning my own team and now just want to enjoy a more simple driver career. Thank you for this great mod to add immersion.
Nice mod, would be nice if you could add a matte Red Bull helmet with more black-blue than white like the glitter Red Bull helmet
excellent choice for every team!
Brilliant updates. Can't wait to see more styles.
Love all the designs bro! Do you have the psd file? Im currently using the Racing Point and wanted to get my numbers on my helmet
File size
421.7 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.75 star(s) 63 ratings

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