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All billboards, flags, balloons and helicopters for ACU's Okutama Final.final

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Update Feb 2021: these resources are no longer required, Okutama 2.0 with new choppers, balloons, blimp and billboards (and other stuff) has been posted at GTP.

This latest (last?) update compiles all of the billboard/flag skins I've done for this track, plus I've mixed up the balloons a bit on the various layouts, plus I've added animated helicopters to each layout with different positions for each.

*** THIS NEEDS stFlow Shader by Stereo TO WORK ***

Helicopter by Gunnar333 with blade tweaks by Testgame. Thanks to Fat-Alfie for advice about rotating dynamic models. Thanks also to Tberg/LilSki for the blimp.

Note: recent CSP updates have borked the teardrop flags, but these will hopefully be fixed in a CSP update.

Unzip the archive to the 'tracks' folder and overwrite when prompted.
If you're subsequently using this track online and want to remove the new balloons/choppers to avoid potential checksum errors then make a backup of the original models.ini first so that you can easily revert.


This will add slightly-weathered real billboards and hot air balloons to all four layouts at ACU's rather excellent Okutama track. I've collected balloons and blimps from various mod tracks over the years so apologies if you happen to recognise one of yours and aren't happy with it being used here. Under those circumstances I'm more than happy for this to be taken down and for dog dirt to be poked through my letterbox.






If you like this track then hunt down ACU and buy him a beer. He deserves all the credit. There's also an excellent VAO patch and lights config for this track on the shader patch discord.

Have fun - after all, that's what this wonderful hobby of ours is all about.

Latest updates

  1. All billboards, balloons, flags and helicopters for ACU's Okutama

    This latest (last?) update compiles all of the billboard/flag skins I've done for this track...

Latest reviews

Very nice.
Me like!
Great work! Love the Billboards! So realistic.
Nice job, thank you!
Really good work! The billboards are perfect, a real improvement to this great looking track.
Thank you
Can confirm this works just fine without Content Manager.

Simply extract the file, copy the contents of the folder into your acu_okutama-circuit folder (overwrite the files when prompted) and away you go!

Fantastic job :)
Exactly what this track was missing.
Great additions for this beautiful track which becomes a must !
Thank you very much ! ;-)
Looks great- the slight weathering is a nice effect and makes the place feel nice and lived in. Really like the Valvoline boards too!
Fine work. Adds an extra touch to the already excellent track. And even a nice skin preview logo too. Thanks for sharing ;-)
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