Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12

Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 TT 12 0.99d

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Alfa Romeo 33/TT12

The Tipo 33 TT 12 by Autodelta, is unquestionably one of Alfa Romeo’s most important post-war racing cars. It has everything of a truly exceptional historic racing car...
dominant success, the world’s greatest drivers, a world-famous brand.

Imagine hurtling along, splitting the air at 11,000 rpm as you shift into fifth gear...
the speed, the rush of wind, the exhilaration, she is alive!
(She likes to be caressed... but she likes it rough too!)

Stop dreaming…



note: be careful... (shes a very kinky girl!)

- Dyno specific, Carlo Chiti-designed, all-aluminium 2995cc V12 engine
- Number matched gearbox
- 6 Historic liveries matched to the real-world chassis numbers (+7 fictional skins)
- Historic feel, historic performance
- LightsFX / ParticlesFX / InstrumentsFX = CSP enhanced, not needed

known issues:
- driver shift animation imperfect
- grille shadow behind driver may show
- sound from Tipo 33 Stradale

Converted with permission from the rF2 mod by ChiefWiggum
Chief Wiggum - original model
RMi_wood - AC conversion, engine, physics
Jaba12 - AC conversion, instruments, mirrors
GzeroD - AC conversion, scaling, physics, extras
norms - historic Autodelta skins w/AO
__EASY__ - LODs
soulkobk - non-historic extra skins

Lights by racealot

Thank you!
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4.70 star(s) 30 ratings

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Latest reviews

great car ! fun but reliable ! reminds me the Ferrari 333 SP
Far to easy to drive. You really have to overdo it to spin out
Donnie The perfect Alfa Romeo hasn't seen Assetto Corsa so far, there are a few things to fix but it's Flying 5 Stars.Greetings
Decent work so far, the car looks alright but it drives very odd.

Just curious, did you test drive either this version or the rFactor2 version as a reference before releasing it? Because it feels like you didn't.

The front roll center is certainly wrong, and the SAI also feels a bit wonky because the car over-corrects with 20-30 degrees of opposite lock when power sliding on full throttle. It also only really requires that amount of steering to turn in, which is fine when the fronts loaded, but then the back should come around and the driver should be neutral on the steering through the apex, or counter steering.

Ideally, you should be driving this car with the rear tires due to the massive F:R tire size stagger, but it still feels to me like the car is driven off the front tires quite a lot, especially compared to the rF2 version.

There also seems to be a touch too much grip overall? The car is light and powerful, there should be a bit of "Floatyness" to the way its driven.

I hope these physics aren't final because I definitely think they have some basic issues that can be addressed. z
Yes, an update is planned addressing a few issues, including what you mention. Thank you for the critique
I've always loved this car and having waited so long for this mod you haven't disappointed. Excellent work thanks for sharing. Any more from that era in the pipeline?
The mod drives like it's on rails, older cars shouldn't be this grippy. They didn't race on F1 slicks, they were deathtraps contained solely by aero, one mistake and you're gone. This is more like what driving an RC kit of the Alfa would feel like.
Amazing fun!
very nice mod; I tried the car where it belongs: Targa florio 1973. My first thought was I am going to die but the car behaved well and I made it through.
thank you
per me è un SI.
Great car, though I did swap the sounds for the Kunos 312T.
It is a tough choice, of course I tried many... i do like the 33 sound more. Maybe someone will do an awesome sound mod. Thanks for the compliment and critique :)
Outstanding. Ran 40 laps at Watkins Glen with it this morning.
Bravo!!!! Five stars
What a glorious car to drive - thank you so much. It has a beautiful balance of speed and road-holding, but still allows you to slide it around too.

Fantastic! A lo of fun to drive. Looks and sounds great!
Great job, thank you!
Thank very much. Very good.
Thanks for this beauty !
Awesome work ! Thank you ! Other Tipo 33 versions incoming ?
Technically a TT8 is the same car, different engine (same as the Stradale 33). Its abit pointless right?