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Akiōta 1.00

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Akiōta is a town in Yamagata District, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Akiōta was formed on October 1, 2004 from the merger of the towns of Kake and Togouchi, and the village of Tsutsuga, all from Yamagata District


Latest reviews

I like the track builder tracks, since they are usually solid. I have no real performace issues with this track on my system but framerate drops to 45 at some spots.
But there are some bad transitions from tarmac to gutter where the car just gets stuck. So its not enjoyable :(.
El trazado es divertido y a 2k con todo a tope yo no tengo problemas de rendimiento, lo que sí hay que corregir algunas cosas, la carretera tiene algunos desniveles demasiado fuertes y algunos fallos de terreno, por lo demás gracias por compartir y a mejorar que de eso se trata.
The terrible performance seems to relate to the fact it may be a (race track builder) made track. Textures are extremely low quality and the ground and foliage doesn’t work or blend together at all. There are some details but then some really lazily slapped together looking things. Even on a high end system, performance is mediocre. Honestly seems like more effort was put into the description of the track. Than the track itself.
Exclude the FPS problem, because there's way too much unnecessary trees, this map have so many questionable problems, can't even drive properly.
This might be nice to look at. But in VR I have framerates of 22 to 25. So it is simply undriveable for me. Sorry.
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518.8 MB
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User rating
2.40 star(s) 5 ratings

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