AI-fix for GT3 and Le Mans racecars at Nordschleife endurance. 1.2

Proper offline racing against the AI at the Nordschleife endurance track.

  1. schrep1964

    After many hours of trial and error this is my take on fixing the AI-behaviour at the Nordschleife endurance track. Tested with the Porsche 962C ST, Porsche 917/30 and all GT3 cars. AI pack of 23 cars at 100%, no mechanical failures, air temp at 0 and then at 36 degrees Celcius again. They will now negotiate the track without major clashes or crashes anywhere. Qualifying laptime of the Merc AMG GT3 is 8:58.3 which is noway near the IRL qualy time of 8:11 minutes at the 2016 24H, but well, you can race them. I guess this is strictly for offline racing because of changing the ini files (possible server mismatch). All griplevels (grass, kerbs, asphalt and concrete) are set at FRICTION=1.0 to keep them on the optimal racing line (especially at T1 and the Karussells). They do however break late and deep into the corners and are on average 20km/h faster in the chicanes.

    Back up the original files surfaces.ini and ai_hints.ini which you can find at the following path: assettocorsa/content/tracks/ks_nordschleife/endurance/data folder and then install this content file in the assettocorsa folder.
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  1. K4rBonStig
    Version: 1.2
    Work fine for me, many thanks!
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