(ACTI) Assetto Corsa Telemetry Interface

(ACTI) Assetto Corsa Telemetry Interface 1.1.2

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(ACTI) Assetto Corsa Telemetry Interface

ACTI is a standalone client that together with an in-game app allows live access to and recording of Assetto Corsa telemetry data. Some of its key features are:
  • Record telemetry data in Motec i2 compatible log files (i2 v1.0.21.30 currently supported).
  • View live telemetry data in user-configurable workspaces.
  • Remote telemetry access (recording / viewing live data from a friend / teammate located anywhere in the world while they are on track).
  • Easy in-game control over telemetry acquisition.
The complete ACTI tool package can be found right here at RD. Included in the package are:
  • The acti client.
  • The in-game acti trigger control app.
  • Motec i2 installer.
  • Sample Motec i2 Project based on the data channels currently available from Assetto Corsa.
acti_ss.jpg acti_live_telem_viewer_ss1.jpg acti_live_telem_viewer_ss3.jpg acti_trig_cntrl_ss.jpg acti_trig_in_game_ss.jpg motec_i2_ss1.jpg motec_i2_ss4.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. (added new data channels)

    v1.1.2: (released during Assetto Corsa v1.16.1) - added new data channels (i.e. extra KERS...
  2. (added new data channels)

    v1.1.1: (released during Assetto Corsa v1.6.3) - added new data channels (i.e. Track Conditions...
  3. Just an update to host the file on RD - No need to re-download

    This is the current version, no need to re-download if you have 1.1.0 This is only called...
  4. (configurable recording rates + other tweaks)

    v1.1.0: (released during Assetto Corsa v1.3.2) - Added configurable recording rate settings...
  5. (AC ver 1.3 compatibility fix)

    v1.0.3: (released during Assetto Corsa ver 1.3.1) - Fix for AC ver 1.3

Latest reviews

This works great!
I use the MoTec data analysis all the time.
Thanks for sharing!!!
It's a nice app. But where can i fand same track maps?
Good readme, everything is included. Working great
For some reason after installing this my fps tanked from 144+ to 20!! Any idea why or how and how to fix this? Even after disabling the mod it stayed at 20 no matter what.
This is a good analysis tool and very useful.
Just a quick note for users of MoTeC i2 v1.1 or later, you need to do the following:
= Click 'Open Existing Workspace'
= Click Import
= Set the file type to "i2 1.0 *.mtcprj"
= Select the Project.mtcprj from the ACTI Circuit Base directory
Nice tool, but can't open the workspace in motec. In the download there are all the folders in the directory, but motec can't open it, because there is missing the i2 motec file... Can anybody help please

I would rate this as 11 if it was possible to automate so it just always runs and logs and converts sessions, so right now I'd just give it a 6++++ on a 5 scale. Outstanding app.
Great tool
App is great, however i am a bit confused on how to set up remote live telemetry; i.e. I want to watch the live telemetry feed of my friend who is playing in another state or country. How can I set this up? Is it just a matter of plugging his public ip address as a target ip or is there more to it ?
Been using this a long time to aid my uni work, it's fantastic. Just got a second monitor though, I don't find the instructions to be clear. Any help? I follow the steps and can't get the live viewer to appear on screen. Once clicked, "open live telem", ACTI closes?

It's obviously the user that is the problem, the app and set up itself is incredible ;)
great App!!! But Brake channel dont work for me...
Thank you, great app!
It would be really awesome if ACTI could trigger video recording at the same time when it starts logging. I am not talking about adding whole screen recording functionality...simple keyboard-binding trigger would be enough to start/stop nvidia experience, OBS, etc.
IT's absolutelly BRILIANT app. Thank you!

Complicated to setup but awesome. Coming from LFS I was surprised something like this wasn't built in.

For those have trouble seeing all channels. Make sure you are using MoTeC i2 Pro (included in the download).
Excelent tool, but I have a little problem. MoTeC no show me the break channel, and I don't now why...
Someone can help me?
i rating 2 stars because realy not clear to install ! the only video i found on youtube for tuto is a french guy with 1998 setup assettiocorsa and an italian who sing instead explain how to install (with a video quality of 144p) .

Not complete !
Thank you for this app, it is a must if you want to improve your lap times once you are lapping consistantly and need to know what setting to change in your setup.
Great way to get the most out of the data. Plus it's using the same interface as professional teams so can't go wrong here. The only downside is that while I see the charts etc - they make little sense to me in terms of actions to take :) But I'm far from blaming the tools!