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acpm - The Assetto Corsa Package Manager 0.0.2

Helping you easily install and update Assetto Corsa Mods

  1. cmsimike
    Hi all,

    Since discovering how mod-table this game is, I've wanted to write something for it. I decided on a package manager - something to make installing new and updating mods easier for all users and get mods the developers have into more hands. I am here to announce the intial release of acpm 0.0.1 - the Assetto Corsa Package Manager.

    What is a package? Anything that you can install into the Assetto Corsa directory. The tool is simple - start the tool up, the tool downloads the latest repository information and shows all packages to users. Users select what packages they want installed and the tool downloads the zip file and extracts the contents into the root of the Assetto Corsa directory.

    For now, this is a prototype. I am releasing this early to get feedback from the modding community.

    The client is located at my Github repository: https://github.com/cmsimike/acpm[2]

    The download is available in the releases tab. Please be sure to read the README for known limitations and its current status. Again, this is a prototype so please use with caution.

    Now, how do you get your package hosted in the repository? There is another Github repository for that: https://github.com/cmsimike/acpmr[3]

    I hope the instructions there are clear enough. The thing to note is that the package manager extracts your zip file over the user's Assetto Corsa directory, so please be sure to create any zip files with your files being in the same relative position in the zip file as they should be in the Assetto Corsa directory.

    Though I will be monitoring this thread for discussion, any issues or feature requests relating to acpm should go in the issue tracker on the acpm repository.

    I would love to work with the modding community and build up a central repository of all of your amazing mods and make them easily accessible to the Assetto Corsa users everywhere.
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