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ACCDirector 1.0.3 debug

Assetto Corsa Competizione broadcast client

  1. ZioYuri78

    Hi all,
    super happy to announce ACCDirector, a broadcast client application for ACC, this app is really similar to the official client made by Kunos.

    All the panels are movable (click on the name or on an area that doesn't is a button or a checkbox and drag it).

    1) Setup ACC to enable broadcasting:
    Edit your Documents\Assetto Corsa Competizione\Config\broadcasting.json
    and at least set a updListenerPort. This config mirrors the test client's default values, so you can just click Connect:

        "updListenerPort": 9000,
        "connectionPassword": "asd",
        "commandPassword": ""
    2) Start a race session in Single Player or join a Multiplayer server

    3) In the Connection panel, press "Connect". If the configuration matches the small checkbox in the Connection panel will become green.



    0) Toolbar
    The toolbar is always visible, you can use it to hide/unhide the other panels.


    1. Connection
    2. Session info
    3. Camera
    4. HUD
    5. Leaderboard
    6. Replay
    7. Settings
    1) Connection panel
    Super easy, this panel let you connect the client to the game, fields are the same of official client. (in this image we already have connected to the game).


    Press the Connect button only after you have launched a Single Player or Multiplayer session!


    2) Session Info
    In this simple panel you can see some basic infos about the current session like the track name, temperatures, best session lap.

    3) Camera panel
    The camera panel will show you all the available camera sets of the track, you can click on the buttons to select on which set you want to see the race, it will automatically cicle all the selected set cameras.

    4) HUD Panel
    This panel let you change the game HUD


    5) Leaderboard
    The leaderboard, this panel show you all the cars that joined the session plus some info about the current selected car.
    • Auto sort: if checked the leaderboard will be automatically sorted every 10 seconds.
    • Auto scroll: if checked it will scroll the list to the current selected car when the leaderboard is sorted.
    • Sort: this button is enabled only when Auto sort is disabled, use it to manually sort the leaderboard.
    Every car entry give you some info like:
    • P(n): is the current car "grid position"
    • N.Lastname #n: is the car driver name and number
    • +01.365: is the delta to the best lap time of the car
    • Track Position: PL (Pit Lane), PO (Pit Out), PI (Pit In), TR (car on track)
    • n: number of laps
    The Car info panel at the bottom give you info about the current selected car like:
    • Car model
    • Team name
    • Cup Category
    • Driver Category
    • Last lap time
    • Best lap time
    6) Replay panel
    This panel give you some control on instant replay and highlights (very WIP, sometime work, sometime not work :()
    • Replay the last: these buttons let you start the replay of the last 10/30/60 seconds of the current selected car
    • Highlights filters: these checkbox let you filter out what kind of events will be reported in the below scroll box
    • Highlights entries: based on the above filters every "event" will appear here, you can click on the entry to start a replay of the event (WIP), the big X on the right let you remove the entry, the limit of entries we can "store" is 30, over 30 the panel will stop report new entries until you will not delete some of the oldest.
    7) Settings
    Settings panel is super easy, it allow you to change resolution and toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode.

    Know Issues
    A lot but i will list them later (or maybe not):rolleyes:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dataman
    Version: 1.0.3 debug
    If you can add, F3 and F6 button and lengthen the list of cars, it would be perfect to make beautiful Live.
    1. ZioYuri78
      Author's Response
      Onboard cams and Helicam not working is a bug in the API, we need to wait Kunos fix it.

      The list of cars widget can be redone but i don't have the time in these months, maybe in September.

      Thanks for the good review!
  2. clawd
    Version: 1.0.2
    Great tool.
  3. Sonoafafayon
    Version: 1.0.1
    A really good tool.
  4. Lino Carreira
    Lino Carreira
    Version: 1.0.0
    Very well done app :) thanks for this
  5. PXYCO
    Version: 1.0.0
    Nice one, it would be cool if it were web based to open on a tablet as ip url
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