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ACCDirector 1.0.3 debug

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Debug version of 1.0.3, it should have a better report in case of crash/fatal error.

Use it only if you have frequently crash/fatal error, take a screen and send it to me.
It also enable logs, you can find them in the "AppData\Local\ACCDirector\Saved\Logs" folder.
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  • Hud Pages panel bug fix.
  • now in Connection panel the Connection Password and Command Password are hidden by default (you can click the small eye on the right to unhide them).
  • resize in windowed mode will no longer maintain the aspect ratio (aka resize as you want but it will not be saved).
  • added very simple message log at the bottom of Connection panel.
know issues:
  • it can maybe crash with a Fatal Error
  • Helicamera and interior camera still not available, Camera Set2 still not work.
  • a tons of other things
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ACCD 1.0.2
  • Settings panel: Windowed Fullscreen mode available.
  • Connection panel: ip, port, ... now autosave.
  • Camera Sets panel: new design, big buttons for track camera sets
ACCD 1.0.1
  • Auto Sort and Sort will request a new cars list only if the client is connected.
  • Car delta time color change when is negative/positive (green/red).
  • Removed "Greenscreen" mode.
  • Now the client autosave the last panels position.
  • Fixed Highlights list scrollbar color.
  • Added a replay progress bar at the bottom of Highlights panel.
  • Now in the Settings panel you can change the resolution and switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.